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For the in-universe chronicles, see: Annals
For the 1986 omnibus see: Annals of the Black Company (1986)

Annals of the Black Company is an ebundle (digital compendium) of the 4 Tor Books omnibuses of the Black Company series. It was released on 14 August 2018. It contains all 10 novels that were published between 1984 and 2000, listed below. It does not include Port of Shadows, which was published separately the following month (September 2018), or any of the 4 short stories of the On The Long Run story arc.

The cover art for this ebundle is a composite of the spine artworks for the 4 Tor omnibuses, all illustrated by Raymond Swanland.

The contents in detail:

  1. Chronicles of the Black Company
    1. The Black Company
    2. Shadows Linger
    3. The White Rose
  2. The Book of the South
    1. Shadow Games
    2. Dreams of Steel
    3. The Silver Spike
  3. The Return of the Black Company
    1. Bleak Seasons
    2. She Is the Darkness
  4. The Many Deaths of the Black Company
    1. Water Sleeps
    2. Soldiers Live

The title of the second omnibus was adjusted from The Books of the South to The Book of the South.