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For the in-universe chronicles, see: Annals
For the Tor ebundle see: Annals of the Black Company (2018)

Annals of the Black Company is both the first omnibus and the first hardcover of the Black Company series. It includes all three novels of the Books of the North story arc: The Black Company, Shadows Linger, and The White Rose.

Dedicated to the St. Louis Science Fiction Society, it was published by Nelson Doubleday's Science Fiction Book Club in arrangement with Tor Books.

The first printing was June 1986, and like all Science Fiction Book Club editions at the time, it carried the Nelson Doubleday imprint. It was republished in October 2000, presumably to accompany Vol 1 and Vol 2 of the Books of Glittering Stone which were newly published by the SFBC that year.

Both printings feature the cover art of Tom Kidd and have mostly identical interiors. They differ primarily in some details of the dust jacket and the cloth binding:

  1. First printing: 1986
    • has neither ISBN nor bar code
    • the author "Glen Cook" is printed with smaller letters than the omnibus title
    • the back of the dust jacket has a large, blank blue space (no artwork)
    • the cloth binding is navy on the front and back boards, and black on the spine and quarters
    • imprint: Nelson Doubleday
    • external link to ISFDB entry
  2. Reprint: 2000
    • has an ISBN, namely 9780739413029, and corresponding bar code
    • different lettering for the title and the jacket flap copy, notably, "Glen Cook" is larger than the omnibus title
    • the back of the dust jacket has the continued artwork of Tom Kidd
    • the cloth binding is uniformly black
    • imprint: Science Fiction Book Club
    • external link to ISFDB entry

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