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Aloe is a prosperous republic and city-state on the northern continent, roughly one thousand miles away from Charm in a region east of the Plain of Fear and not far from both the Ghost Country and Tally. The Black Company was garrisoned in Aloe for approximately four years after campaigning alongside Whisper in the east following the Battle of Charm. It was the setting for many events of the modern narrative in Port of Shadows (including the short stories "Tides Elba", "Smelling Danger", and "Bone Candy"). Other settlements in the same province include Honnoh, Emeru, Rhymes, and Amos.

The majority of Aloe's structures were made of either mud brick covered in stucco or concrete. The local Temple of Occupoa, the city's tallest and most notable structure, stood over 80 feet high and took a generation to build. Once every five years, Aloe is subjected to a storm featuring hail, ferocious wind, and torrential downpours. One of these storms occurred while the Black Company was garrisoned there.

Aloen people[]

Aloens featured prominently in Port of Shadows. The holy prostitute named Tides Elba of the Occupoa cult was targeted for kidnapping by the Lady. She may have been transformed into the mysterious new Taken known as Mischievous Rain later. Markeg Zhorab, the owner of the Dark Horse tavern frequented by the Company, often conversed with Croaker the Company Annalist.

A number of Aloens joined the Black Company, including: the apprentice wizard called "the Third"; Edmous Black who had veterinary experience and who became Croaker's apprentice physician; and two literate soldiers named Cornello Crat and Ladora Ans. (The Company men Minkus Scudd, Corey, and Outsweeper might also have been from Aloe.)

Croaker wrote about additional Aloens he became acquainted with: the chatty orphan Gurdlief Speak; the servant girls Sana Ans, Flora, and El; Aloe's chief librarian nicknamed Snow Woman; and Markeg's daughter Sora.


At the time of the Lady's Empire, the people of Aloe spoke a language called Aloen, which was descended from an earlier local language called Levanev that had been spoken around the time of the Domination. Levanev and two other regional languages, Khansai and Margelin, were used to write several sacred texts of the Occupoa cult, and thus were still taught to Occupoan clergy centuries after they had fallen out of common use. Croaker became conversational in Aloen and spoke to Mischievous Rain in this language.

Departure of the Company[]

Following the subjugation of the Ghost Country, the Black Company departed from Aloe one or two years later for Tally and never returned. An Aloen historian mentions that the Company's memories and records of its Aloen sojourn are erased so thoroughly that its Annals contained no mention of Aloe when they are captured following the Battle of Queen's Bridge, nor anything else that occurred during a span of four years. The Empire completely withdrew from the city a decade later when it became embroiled in internecine conflict between the new Taken. Exactly 28 years after the Ghost Country campaign, Aloe was ravaged by a cyclone; during the reconstruction, the citizens uncovered a copy of Croaker's Annals from the Black Company's time in Aloe, along with suspect documents relating events involving two of the Senjak sisters and the necromancer known as Papa.