Outpost was a quiet city of broad lanes and white walls. We had adopted the native custom of whitewashing everything but the thatch and decorative vegetation... Our city was artificial and military, all straight lines, cleanliness and quiet... Headquarters was a two-story sprawl at the center of town.

Croaker, Soldiers Live

The Abode of Ravens – also referred to as Outpost, or less commonly, the Bridgehead – is the city that the Black Company created as they rebuilt and recruited in the world known as Hsien during the 4-year gap between Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live. It is known as "Outpost" or "the Bridgehead" by the members of the Black Company who came across the glittering plain, and as the "Abode of Ravens" by the natives of Hsien and Blade, because the birds began roosting nearby after the Company's arrival.

The city was designed by the Company's senior architects and engineers, the blood brothers Cletus and Loftus. It functioned as an organized and efficient military outpost and training center. However, a significant number of noncombatants also lived there, including a sizable group of Nyueng Bao civilians – called the "Community" – who neither become Black Company brothers nor integrated and disappeared into Hsien.

Croaker comments early in Soldiers Live that the city will be a great gift to the natives once they depart to cross the plain again. Suvrin leads the Company back toward the Abode of Ravens after the Protectorate is defeated in the homeworld.

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